College Level Psych Ed Assessments

Bryce Gibbs PhD & Associates is a psychoeducational assessment company run by psychologists that specializes in cognitive and academic testing for college and graduate students. Do you think you may need academic accommodations for your courses or for a high stakes test like the LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, or GRE or a professional licensing exam? We can help! Our testing process can potentially help you qualify for extended test time, testing in a non-distracting setting, additional breaks for tests, and notetaking assistance for class (to name a few). Our services go well beyond the psych ed exam, to include in depth reporting, customized recommendations, assistance requesting accommodations, and referrals for further treatment – completely follow up and consulting. Services are performed at our clinic in Austin, Texas.


Are you not from Austin, Texas? That’s ok! Many of our clients drive or fly in from other states. The investment you make traveling to Austin can have a dramatic positive impact on your future. Our psych ed assessments have helped undergrads, graduate students, and young professionals gain disability accommodations for college courses, high stakes tests like the GRE and MCAT, and licensing exams. Graduating from college quicker or getting into a higher tier of grad school can mean saving thousands of dollars or making significantly more income. An investment in your future now will a mean positive impact on your financial future.
Your education costs a great deal of time, effort, and money. Our psychoeducational assessment process can help you achieve better grades, ensure you graduate on time, and can improve admissions chances to higher quality graduate schools (or help you land a better job upon graduating from college). The benefit you or your son or daughter will gain from our assessment is more than worth the price of a plane ticket or brief hotel stay.


If you are still uncertain after receiving information about our packages and pricing, please know that you can also choose to do a 60 minute educational consulting session with one of our Bryce Gibbs PhD & Associates psychologists. This is a video conference via a program similar to Skype during which a psychologist will hear your presenting concerns, discuss your history, and will outline a clear plan of action for tackling whatever problem you are facing.
If you continue forward with the full assessment package, the cost of this consultation will be credited toward your package. Even if all you do is this hour long consulting session, you will find that it is invaluable in that it will point you toward correct providers, outline who you should speak with at your college, and provide you concise and detailed questions to ask so that you can put together the best support services in your area.


Whether you have had previous academic accommodations, or you are wondering if you qualify, then please contact us. We strongly encourage students who have not had previous accommodations to reach out! Many students do not realize they have attention, learning, or emotional issues that effect academic performance until they arrive at college! These students often face an uphill battle to gain academic accommodations in college, graduate school, or on high stakes standardized tests. Bryce Gibbs PhD & Associates has years of experience gaining previously non-diagnosed students receive the academic support services they deserve!
Our assessments can result in:
  • Extended test time
  • Testing in a non-distracting setting
  • Notetaking assistance
  • Grade expungement
  • Preferred registration times
  • Extended add/drop deadlines
  • Tutoring and test prep help
  • Aptitude and skill clarification and major/professional guidance
These are only a few examples of the multitude of performance enhancing adjustments for which you may be eligible. Don’t hesitate to contact us about scheduling your Bryce Gibbs PhD & Associates Psychoeducational Assessment.
We provide solutions that will carry you from college, to graduate school, and through professional licensure.
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We go beyond the testing report. We will actively help you complete forms, submit paperwork, and speak with administrators to ensure that deserved accommodations are granted.