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Dr. Bryce Gibbs attained his doctorate in psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and has been conducting cognitive, academic, and emotional/personality assessments in the Austin area for over 20 years. Dr. Gibbs hopes that one day all students will receive “proactive” assessments at crucial points in their development (in other words, he believes that you should afford all students an assessment, not just students who are already evincing problems). Little do thousands of students and parents know that there is a reliable and powerful process that can quickly identify and eliminate cognitive, academic, and emotional struggles, and can be used to enhance strengths and help every student achieve academic success while maintaining a happy, balanced life.
In short, a psychoeducational assessment uses standardized “tests” to investigate students’ intellectual (cognitive), academic (achievement), emotional (mood), and personality (attitude) functioning, and how these domains affect performance in school. At our clinic, a group of clinicians with over 20 years’ experience in administering and interpreting psychoeducational tests have devised a powerful assessment process focused on evaluating students of all ages. Dr. Gibbs and his associates use the most up-to-date psychoeducational assessment measures to quickly diagnose, formulate, and re-direct students to the path of optimal health, wellness, and success. Not only do our reports clearly and concisely outline one’s psychoeducational profile, they are easy to read by multiple professionals and can help guide test preparation, tutoring, psychiatric treatment, therapy, and the attainment of academic accommodations. Our results are sustainable because we have specially trained administrative consultants who are committed to helping students achieve the recommendations outlined in their report. We will not rest until our clients gain the accommodations to which they are entitled.
Dr. Gibbs is a state licensed psychologist who has extensive training in conducting psychoeducational assessments. Dr. Gibbs holds a doctoral degree in psychology from an American Psychological Association (APA) certified program. A doctorate or “PhD” in psychology, means that a professional is trained in empirical research. In order to be awarded a doctoral degree, a student must undergo years of post-undergraduate training, typically between 6 to 10, and complete a dissertation (a thesis based upon the candidate’s scientific research). Further, to be awarded their doctorate, they must demonstrate advanced knowledge about a field of study relevant to psychology and demonstrate proficiency with statistical methods. Most assessment tools, such as IQ and achievement tests, produce statistical data that is interpreted by a psychologist. Incorrect interpretation of this data by clinicians who do not have the requisite training can lead to misdiagnosis and poorly formulated reports. At our clinic, our clinicians make reliable diagnoses and write effective treatment plans that are accepted by school districts, universities, high stakes testing companies, and licensing boards. We believe we are the best in the field of psychoeducational assessment in the greater Austin area.
Finally, it’s been said that “it takes a village.” In addition to our clinic being supervised by a licensed psychologist, we are staffed with a master’s level clinicians, doctoral students, and assessment consultants from a variety of backgrounds who assist with the psychoeducational testing process. When testing with Dr. Gibbs, you will always be interviewed by a licensed clinician, tested by a degreed psychometrician, and provided follow-up consulting from support staff who are skilled at helping you actualize your treatment recommendations. This is one facet of our process that differs from other assessment providers. Namely, we will actively participate in helping you find mental health providers, tutors, and test prep programs in your local area. Further, we will always be available to help you interface with academic advisers, disability offices, and standardized test companies (e.g. ACT and SAT) to ensure that our recommendations come to fruition. This “hands on” assessment aftercare until you have achieved your goals truly sets us apart.
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Dr. Gibbs with the proverbial “apple of his eye” – Lucy
If you or your child are displaying signs of cognitive, academic, or emotional distress, then please do not hesitate to contact us and see if we can meet your needs. The easiest and most efficient way of inquiring about our services is to complete our online questionnaire. This brief form will be sent to a psychologist for review and an administrative consultant will call you within one business day to discuss whether our company is the right choice to meet your needs.

Public Complaint Notification Statement

The Bryce Gibbs PhD & Associates headquarters is in Austin, Texas. Because Bryce Gibbs PhD offers psychological services we are obligated to make it known that the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists receives questions and complaints regarding the practice of psychology. For assistance please contact: Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 2-450, Austin, Texas 78701, (512) 305- 7700, or 800-821-3205.

Se desea informar que la Comisión Estatal Examinadora de Psicólogos de Texas recibe toda clase de consultas y quejas sobre el ejercicio profesional de la psicología en el Estado de Texas. Si usted necesita este servicio, comuníquese con: Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 2-450, Austin, Texas 78701, (512) 305-7700 o 800-821-3205.

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We go beyond the testing report. We will actively help you complete forms, submit paperwork, and speak with administrators to ensure that deserved accommodations are granted.

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