Veteran Disability Services

Welcome to Bryce Gibbs PhD and Associates. We provide comprehensive and affordable psychological evaluations to support your VA disability claims. With a deep family history of military service, we understand the unique needs of veterans and are committed to helping you receive the benefits you deserve.

Our Commitment to Veterans

Bryce Gibbs’ grandfather, Col. L.T. Gibbs, proudly served in WWII in the European theater. With this legacy in mind, Dr. Gibbs sought out his initial training experiences as a psychologist within the VA system, conducting assessments and therapy for veterans who served in Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf War. Now, he continues this mission by assisting vets with their VA disability claims.

Our Veteran Disability Services

  1. Initial 30-Minute Interview and Record Review: $350 (Mandatory Baseline Charge)
    • This initial assessment includes an initial disability interview and a detailed review of your records by one of our experienced interviewers. This step is essential to determine the appropriate evaluations required for your claim. After the interview and record review, we will contact you and outline what additional steps will be necessary to facilitate your disability claim, and how much our claim assistance will cost. Your claim will most likely include the completion of a mental health DBQ and may include one or more of the additional services outlined below.
  1. Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ): $150
    • Explanation: A DBQ is a standardized form used by the VA to document a veteran’s mental health conditions. It provides detailed information on the severity and impact of these conditions on the veteran’s daily life and employability. DBQs are crucial for the VA to assess and rate the disability accurately.
    • Mental Health DBQs: We assist with DBQs for the following mental health conditions:
      • Review of PTSD Disability Benefits Questionnaire
      • Initial PTSD Disability Benefits Questionnaire
      • Mental Disorders (Other than PTSD and Eating Disorders) Disability Benefits Questionnaire
      • Review of Mental Disorders (Other than PTSD and Eating Disorders) Disability Benefits Questionnaire
      • Eating Disorder Disability Benefits Questionnaire
  1. Nexus Letter: $150
    • Explanation: A nexus letter is a detailed clinical opinion written by a psychologist that links a veteran’s current mental health condition to their military service. This letter is essential for establishing the tier of service connection for the disability claim.
    • Mental Health Nexus Letters: We provide nexus letters for conditions like PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues related to service.
The different tiers of service connection for VA disability claims include:

Direct Service Connection:

  • A condition directly related to military service.
  • Examples: PTSD from combat, depression that started during service.
Secondary Service Connection:
  • A condition that is a result of a service-connected condition.
  • Examples: Anxiety caused service-related chronic pain.
Aggravation Service Connection:
  • A non-service-connected condition that is worsened by a service-connected condition.
  • Examples: Pre-existing depression aggravated by a service-related physical injury.
  1. Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) Letter: $150
    • Explanation: A TDIU letter evaluates whether a veteran’s service-connected disabilities prevent them from maintaining substantially gainful employment. This letter can be critical for veterans seeking a total disability rating based on unemployability.
    • Example: A veteran with severe depression that prevents them from maintaining employment.
  1. Cognitive and Emotional Testing: $600
    • Explanation: This testing, lasting 60 to 90 minutes, may be recommended to support your DBQ, Nexus Letter, or TDIU evaluation. It includes standardized tests to assess cognitive and emotional functioning. In some cases, testing is not required to support a disability claim. We will only recommend testing if we feel it is necessary to support a veteran’s disability claim.

Total Cost Scenarios:

  • Minimum Cost: $500 (Includes Initial Interview/Record Review + DBQ)
  • Maximum Cost: $1400 (Includes all services: Initial Interview/Record Review, DBQ, Nexus Letter, TDIU Letter, and Cognitive/Emotional Testing)

Important: After the initial interview and record review, we will provide a personalized quote for the additional services required based on your specific needs. Depending on the outcome of the interview and record review, varying combinations of the above services may be recommended.


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