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If you are second-guessing your major or career path, or remain undecided, we can help. We can enhance our typical psychoeducational battery with additional measures of personality style, aptitude and skill assessment, and career inventories. When viewed in light of a student’s cognitive and academic profile, this information can tell us for which career you are intellectually and academically suited, and which major or career domain will bring you the most satisfaction. We will provide you a psychoeducational roadmap for accomplishing your newly defined college and career goals. This roadmap will include:

  • A clear recommendation regarding best suited major
  • A clear recommendation regarding best suited career
  • Referrals to professionals who can assist with detailed academic planning
  • Study strategies based upon your unique cognitive and academic profile
  • Life management strategies for attaining optimal psychological functioning

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Every Service We Provide Starts With a Psychoeducational Assessment Battery

Your testing process will be supervised by a psychologist and the assessment will begin with a clinical interview to get necessary background info. After, you will be tested by a psychometrician who will administer intellectual, academic, attention, emotion, and personality measures.

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Though ADHD symptoms are easily recognizable in many people, they are not as apparent in high achieving college students who put in grueling hours to achieve their grades, leaving them beleaguered and taxed. These students often lack sleep and are very susceptible to developing anxiety and depressive disorders that compound their ADHD symptoms. For these students, academic accommodations are essential.

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