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Our assessments will frequently uncover unknown clinical problems that may have reduced your overall GPA or caused you to fail out of school for a semester. In accord with the Americans with Disabilities Act, students should not be penalized for performance deficits that result from cognitive or emotional disabilities. Unfortunately, some college or graduate students do not realize they possess a clinical disorder (e.g., ADHD) until they are in college or graduate school. Alternately, some students suffer traumatic life events and adjustment problems that lead to clinical psychological problems.

Commonly, students will present for an assessment after they have been placed on academic probation or suspension by their undergraduate institution. In addition, students will seek assessments when they are prepping their grad school application and are anxious that a previous semester reduced their GPA to unacceptable levels. Frequently, these students want to go to graduate school, but are disillusioned because their disability, which has heretofore been unrecognized, has negatively affected their likelihood of admission. Fortunately, our psychoeducational assessments can determine if a clinical disorder is present (e.g. ADHD, PTSD, or Major Depression), and can clearly explain how the presence of these symptoms affected past semesters. In many cases, our assessment reports, as well as post-assessment consulting services, can assist students in having past bad grades or failing semesters expunged from their transcript, thereby boosting GPA.

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Every Service We Provide Starts With a Psychoeducational Assessment Battery

Your testing process will be supervised by a psychologist and the assessment will begin with a clinical interview to get necessary background info. After, you will be tested by a psychometrician who will administer intellectual, academic, attention, emotion, and personality measures.

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Though ADHD symptoms are easily recognizable in many people, they are not as apparent in high achieving college students who put in grueling hours to achieve their grades, leaving them beleaguered and taxed. These students often lack sleep and are very susceptible to developing anxiety and depressive disorders that compound their ADHD symptoms. For these students, academic accommodations are essential.

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